Saturday, May 14, 2011

One small step

but what a fun step it is! The chicks are our very first step towards farming.

They fall asleep standing up.  Step on each others' heads while they run around.  Peep up a storm.  Why would anyone NOT have chicks??? And where have they been all my life?

Want to meet our girls? I spent a large portion of today trying to identify these little ladies.  Thankfully I can have the embroidery machine going while I google, so I was also able to get some work done :P

Chick #1 - Appenzeller Spitzhauben (she's the only one of these)

Chick #2 - White cochin (she's the only one of these)

Chick #3 - White crested black polish (we have 3 of these)

Chick #4 - Partridge cochin (2 of these)

Chick #5 - Welsummer (2 of these)

Chick #6 - Partridge rock (3 of these)

Then there are the ones I am stuck between 2-3 breeds ...

Chick #7 - These could be light brown leghorns, but they have way fluffier butts than any of the pics I am finding, or they could be americaunas, but they don't have tufted cheeks, so I am at a loss (we have several of these)

Chick #8 - We have lots of these little girlies too, and I am not sure.  Could be black Australorps, Ancona or Exchequer leghorn (we have several of these as well)    

(originally published 4/13/11)

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